The Ten Most Common Life Insurance Mistakes and How to Avoid them

The ten most common life insurance mistakes and how to avoid them


Life insurance may be one of the most important purchases an individual (and/or his or her
business) will ever make. As is the case with any important purchase, it pays dividends to
avoid the pitfalls into which a buyer can so easily fall. These common mistakes can be avoided by following the simple checklist that accompanies this commentary.

Checklist for avoiding mistakes

1 An insured’s estate should not typically be named the beneficiary of insurance.

2 At least two backup beneficiaries should be named.

3 At least every three years, a written confirmation of the status of policies and beneficiaries
should be requested from the insurer’s Home Office.

4 The insurance product should match the problem. Be sure the insured has the right policy for his/her/its needs.

5 Above all, check to be sure there’s enough life insurance to provide food, clothing and shelter, and to pay off debts so that those the insured loves can continue in their present lifestyle.

6 Don’t name minors as outright beneficiaries. Consider a trust or settlement option.

7 Consider a transfer of life insurance to others to save federal estate taxes.

8 Check to see if your business or practice can provide your family with insurance on a more
cost-effective basis.

9 Remember that term insurance by definition runs out and contractually becomes more expensive as you grow older.

10 Don’t buy life insurance as though it were a commodity. The knowledge of the advisor with whom you deal and the integrity of the insurer and their commitment to service can make a major difference as to how cost-effective life insurance will be.

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