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  • December 30, 2015 for Best Term Rates a new website from Retirement-Toolbox LLC. which offers the best way to shop term life insurance online. You can generate a comparative quote without providing personal information. We don't sell your info over & over again like other quoting sites.
  • December 28, 2015

    Best Way to Shop for Term Life Insurance

    Best way to shop term life insurance. Get an online comparative quote from a site that does not sell your information over and over again to agents who will bombard you with phone calls. Choose an independent life insurance agent who shops multiple insurance companies to get you the best rates
  • December 27, 2015

    Obesity-Related Health Problems in Adults

    Type 2 Diabetes-Diabetes is a leading cause of early death, CHD, stroke, kidney disease, and blindness. Most people who have type 2 diabetes are overweight.
  • December 27, 2015

    Cigarette Smoking is the Leading Preventable Cause of Death in the United States

    Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causes many diseases, and reduces the health of smokers in general.1,2 Quitting smoking lowers your risk for smoking-related diseases and can add years to your life.1,2
  • December 27, 2015

    Chronic Diseases: The Leading Causes of Death and Disability in the United States

    Chronic diseases and conditions—such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis—are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.
  • December 27, 2015

    Causes of Reduced Life Expectancy

    The most common causes of illness and premature death in Victoria include tobacco smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and physical inactivity.
  • December 23, 2015

    Weight-Loss Surgery Lowered Risk of Heart Attack, Type 2 Diabetes in Study

    Weight-loss surgery can reduce the risk of heart attack, type 2 diabetes and other obesity-related health problems, a new study says. "Bariatric surgery is safe and produces unrivaled health benefits that are life-changing for patients and cost-saving [for Britain's National Health Service]," said study co-author Rachel Batterham, head of the Bariatric Centre for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery at University College London Hospital. She is also a professor at the Centre for Obesity Research at University College London in England.
  • December 18, 2015

    How Life Insurance Works

    The concept of pooling is critical to life insurance because the losses of the few can be paid for by relatively small contributions from the many. Life insurance premiums are adjusted for investment income, marketing/administrative costs, taxes, and actuarial risks.
  • December 17, 2015

    Marijuana use of growing concern to life insurers

    While observing an increase in medical effects associated with marijuana use, life insurers remain divided about how to classify policy applicants who test positive for the drug and/or admit to being users on follow-up medical questionnaires. That's because little if any research exists connecting marijuana use to higher mortality rates. "There is no credible study I know of in the last 70 to 80 years that show [such a correlation]," said Lincoln Financial's Carreira. All that such tests can do is show the presence of THC in blood. Underwriters cannot reliably use the test to classify policy applicants as, say, occasional or regular users because they metabolize THC at different rates. "We really don't have the science yet to actively quantify THC in a person's system, so classifying users is nearly impossible," said Hendricks. "All that we can do is document exposure."
  • December 12, 2015

    Individual Life Insurance Premium Up 8% In 3Q 2015

    WINDSOR, Conn., Dec. 9, 2015—U.S. individual life insurance new annualized premium increased 8 percent in the third quarter 2015 – the fifth consecutive quarter of positive growth, according to LIMRA’s Third Quarter 2015 U.S. Retail Individual Life Insurance Sales Survey. “In the first nine months of 2015, strong whole life and indexed universal life sales resulted in a 7 percent increase for overall individual life insurance premium,” noted Ashley Durham, assistant research director, LIMRA Insurance Research. “Every major product line recorded positive premium growth for the quarter.”
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