Best Way to Shop for Term Life Insurance

The Best Way to Shop for Term Life Insurance

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Save money with the best way to shop for Term Life Insurance.  Shop Term Life Insurance online and   use a comparative quoting site that does not sell your information over and over again.  Otherwise you will be bombarded with phone calls.

At /  we use the COMPULIFE®   comparative software that includes the rates of more than 100 Life Insurance Companies.  It is easy to get a quote without providing contact information.  You can request an application online or call us when you are ready to proceed or have questions.

You can also use the Income Replacement Calculator, which will help you determine how much insurance you need.   Should a breadwinner die, the financial impact for dependents is the loss of the breadwinner's income. The Calculator determines the money needed to generate a replacement income, adjusted for inflation and different rates of return.  Life Insurance Proceeds can provide the money.

You should also consider the money needed to pay off the mortgage, other debts and expenses to give your family a fresh start, fund an education or other legacies.

Finally you should work with an Independent Life Insurance agent who can shop multiple insurance companies to get you the best rates.  Captive agents are locked in to one company and can only offer that Companies Policies.

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